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Worms Vs The Daleks Update 2 weeks later

Otherwise known as Yes! We Have No Bananas.

Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun!

Two weeks ago we started with two banana skins of similar age, size and weight with the aim of seeing how two different composting systems compare: The typical garden composting ”Dalek” bin, and the worm bin.

For most of this week the temperature in the Dalek held at 40 degree C, but as you can see this dipped towards the end of the week to 33 degree C:

Termometer showing 33 degree C

Termometer showing 33 degree C

This means for most of the two weeks this experiment has been running, the Dalek held, and was breaking down the banana skin, at a very respectable 40 degree C and is only now starting to cool off a little.

The temperature in the worm bin has held a consistent 14 degree C all week.

So what have we got this week? Well, the banana skin at the top is from the Dalek, the skin at the bottom is from the worm bin.

Tray showing banana skin from the Dalek

Tray showing banana skin from the Dalek

Huh? You can’t see the skin at the bottom? Click on the pic to enlarge. Still can’t see it?

That’s because it’s not there!!!

That’s right, the worms have completely consumed the banana skin. So despite being somewhat distracted earlier on with the unauthorised addition of a juicy apple into the worm bin, they’ve not only eaten all of the apple but went back to finish off the banana! Leaving behind a nice little pile of vermicompost ready for use 🙂

Banana skin with vermicompost

Banana skin with vermicompost

So there we have it.

In the intergalactic war on turning food waste into compost the Daleks are a formidable contender but they’re no match for the humble worm 🙂

Two weeks to go from fresh banana skin to usable top quality vermicompost.

What’s not to like about worms 🙂

The remaining skin will go back into the compost Dalek and will in time break down completely with the help of all those microbes and compost bin critters to form fantastic quality compost which I’ll add to the veg plot.

While you could never call this a ”scientific” experiment, I hope you found it interesting to see how the two systems compared in this instance.

Let me know below if you have any thoughts, questions or comments.

(with pictures by Sorcha)


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